Women Working With Trees

I joined the Arboricultural Association as a professional member in 2018. It was pretty startling to discover 89% of the entire association membership was male. Startling, but then kind of understandable. To date, the emphasis in arboriculture has been on the skills, kit and machinery of tree cutting – something highly skilled and very necessary but, with a few very welcome exceptions, of greatest appeal to guys. However there are many, many other aspects of arb which should attract women into working with trees. I’m someone who’s made a career out of looking after trees on development sites. For many years I had no idea that the work I did sat under the arboricultural umbrella. What motivated me to build my own consultancy was my love of trees, the experience of multi-disciplinary team-working, work flexibility and project variety. This field is constantly evolving as critical issues such as the need to build more houses, climate change and the greening of urban living environments increase in importance.

If you think working with trees could be for you, whether you’d like to add to your existing professional knowledge, or you’re just setting out to forge a lifetime career for yourself, you should know there is definitely a place for more women in Arb. I am part of a small group of female members of the Arb Association keen to increase levels of female participation in the field – you can find us here https://www.trees.org.uk/Careers/Women-in-Arboriculture

Alternatively, feel free to email me directly through the Treeplanning website and I’ll help you if I can!