Friends and Lovers

I have an awful lot I could say about my past relationships but to say it as honestly as I’d want to I’d have to be very, very drunk. And I’m not.

Our relationships are our emotional intelligence training. There’s always an awful lot we all have to learn and, without fail, life delivers the lessons.

I know something about looking after trees on development sites, but I know so much more about handling unpredictable interpersonal situations, about making progress in the face of many forms of opposition, about reconciling competing interests, and about steadfastly adhering to personal goals even when the odds seem stacked.

The tree knowledge? It would be of very limited use without the other stuff.

It never does to focus on the negative, even when there’s shedloads of it. Success, in terms of fulfillment, happiness and personal progress is built on all the positive interaction we come across and respond to, all the positive interaction we initiate, and all the bad things we choose to judiciously ignore in our kaleidoscopic daily lives.

So, instead of a bridge-burning retrospective, this is a ‘thank-you’. To all the people, and you know who you are, who put me back on the right road when I was lost, who laughed me out of the doldrums, who gave me secret assistance that I don’t even know about, and who managed, through good works, to plant themselves forever in my consciousness like portable sunshine.

My friends are my constellation. Who doesn’t want to live among the stars?