Treeplanbox for Contractors


Treeplanbox – DIY Tree Constraints Evaluation for Contractors

treeplanbox gives you what you need to manually assess, in minutes, the tree constraints on your site


Why buy Treeplanbox?

  • Because there’s an advantage to site personnel understanding some of the basic principles of Tree Constraints Assessment.
  • Because Tree Protection succeeds or fails in moments on a live construction site – you need to know how to make the best tree-protective decisions at all times.
  • Because waiting on the availability of a tree consultant can cost time, money and result in tree damage.
  • Because you’re responsible, environmentally aware and want to be certain the trees on your site have sufficient protection.
  • Because there are advantages to understanding the tree constraints on your site while working within Local Authority Planning Conditions.
  • Because you want to be able to test the feasibility of some site operations before you commit to them.

Know where you stand when it comes to the trees on your construction site


Based on the tried and tested recommendations of widely used British Standard 5837, developed by an experienced trees and development practitioner and supplied with easy to follow instructions, click the image to go buy your Treeplanbox